International Trademark Search


Trademark laws are different for each country, so it’s important to conduct a search that covers all the countries where you plan to sell your product.

Is your Trademark Search Enough to Protect you?

The first thing to do is to ensure that your trademark search is accurate and thorough. This can be accomplished by doing an International Trademark Search, which will provide you with a complete list of trademarks that have been registered in each country where you plan to sell. If there are no trademarks similar to yours in your targeted countries, then you can move forward with filing for your own trademark registration. However, if there are existing marks that share similarities with yours and your company’s products or services, then it would be wise for you not to file for a new mark until these other marks are cleared by their owners or officially canceled by their governments.

Registered Trademark

Trademark search is the process of searching for trademarks that are already registered in a specific jurisdiction. In most countries (including the US, EU and others), trademarks can be registered by individuals or companies. The classifications of goods or services associated with a trademark may vary from country to country, however they should always be listed at least somewhere on your website (if not many places). If a trademark is validly registered in multiple jurisdictions, it will likely have more strength than one exclusively associated with one jurisdiction.

A Trademark is a Valuable Asset

Trademark allows the company to identify its products and services in the marketplace, which makes it easier for consumers to find exactly what they’re looking for. A trademark is also registered by the government, making it an official mark that has been approved by public officials within that government’s jurisdiction.

What is a Trademark Search?

A trademark search is a process of searching for similar trademarks that are already registered by companies. It is done to protect your brand name from being copied by other companies. In simple terms, it's an investigation to find out if the trademark you want to register is available or not. A trademark search will help you identify potential risks and opportunities associated with your chosen name.

How to Conduct an International Trademark Search?

You can conduct an International Trademark Search by yourself, or you can hire a professional to do it for you. If you decide to do the search on your own, there are some things you need to know before getting started. An International Trademark Search is not as simple as looking up a name or phrase in the trademark database and seeing if it's available. In fact, there are many different kinds of trademarks that can apply to any given word or phrase, so doing this type of search yourself could lead to false results and wasted money (if someone else ends up getting the trademark). To save time and money while ensuring accuracy in your International Trademark Search process, simply hiring an expert who understands all aspects of international law is usually best.

Different types of Trademark Searches

A trademark search can be conducted in various ways, depending on the level of detail sought and the particular circumstances of your case.

1. Basic Trademark Search

Basic Trademark Search is the most basic of all the searches. It is the first step to take before you register your trademark and can be done online or via a person from an agency, such as our own! This search will give you an idea of what kinds of trademarks are already in existence so that you do not end up having two similar ones.

2. Comprehensive Trademark Search

A comprehensive trademark search is a more detailed and expensive version of the basic search. It provides you with more information about other trademarks that are similar to yours, including:
  • Similarity of your mark to other marks in use or registered by others (i.e., how similar the designs or words are)
  • Similarity of the goods or services associated with your mark and other marks in use or registered by others (i.e., whether they cover similar products or services)

3. Dedicated Comprehensive or Thorough Trademark Search

A dedicated comprehensive or thorough trademark search is a trademark search that is performed by a professional trademark search firm. A dedicated comprehensive or thorough trademark search should be conducted if you want to make sure that no similar trademarks are already in use by others. It will also ensure that other companies haven’t registered your name as part of their brand, which could lead to confusion for your customers. Dedicated comprehensive or thorough trademark searches can be expensive compared to basic searches, but the extra money may be worth it if you are serious about protecting your company’s intellectual property and want to prevent legal problems later on down the line.

4. Global or International Trademark Search

In addition to conducting a country-by-country trademark search, you will also want to perform a global or international trademark search. This is an extensive search that includes all countries (except for those in the European Union). It is the most expensive option and is recommended for companies with large budgets.


Trademark is the first step in protecting your brand, and it allows you to distinguish your products from similar products produced by competitors. The more unique your product is, the better off you'll be—and that's why it's so important to conduct an International Trademark Search before launching your product into the international market.


You have to do an International Trademark Search before your launch, so that you can protect yourself from legal and financial liabilities in the future.