How to Register a Trademark in Hawaii?


The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issues federal trademark registrations for trademarks used in interstate commerce. If you're using a mark that refers to your business or products in Hawaii, you can apply for a trademark registration through the USPTO's online system. In this guide, we'll explain everything you need to know about registering your mark with the USPTO.

Eligibility of the Mark

Before you even think about applying for trademark registration, you need to determine whether or not the mark is eligible for protection. In order to qualify, a trademark must be:
  • The mark's initial application in commerce
  • Distinctive enough that no one else can claim it as their own.

Obtain the Proper Paperwork

To apply for a trademark in Hawaii, you'll need to submit the following: Application form This is available at the USPTO website and can be downloaded as a PDF. It's recommended that you fill out the form on your computer and then print it out and sign it before sending it in. The application form should include all of the information you believe will be necessary to register your mark. Make sure that every piece of information is accurate before submitting, because once submitted, there's no way to change it (and no refunds are available). Payment for filing fees The filing fee is $275 per class you're applying for. You can pay by credit card, check or money order, but be sure to include the correct amount with your application form. If you're paying by credit card, call 1-800-786-9199 and follow the prompts to make your payment.

Submit the Registration Application

After you've filled out your application form and paid the fees, you'll need to submit it. You can send your application in by mail or fax, but we recommend using the USPTO's online Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) because it's fast and reliable.

Respond to any Issues

If you receive a request for clarification or additional information, you will have to respond. If your response is not satisfactory to the examiner, he will issue an Office Action listing all outstanding issues. You must respond to this Office Action and address each issue in order to avoid having your application refused registration. If you do not respond within the allotted time period (usually three months), your application will be refused registration and fees forfeited. If resubmitted within six months of the original filing date, a new filing fee may be required as well as any fees charged by third parties such as foreign agents who assisted with your application process.

Certificate of Registration

Once you've filed your trademark application, it will be assigned to an examining attorney who will review the application and determine whether or not it meets all of the requirements. If they find any problems with your registration, they'll send you a letter explaining what needs to be fixed. After reviewing and fixing those issues (if applicable), your trademark will receive final approval by the USPTO. At this point, you'll receive a certificate of registration that proves that you own the mark and are allowed to use it in certain ways. That's all there is to it. The certificate is proof that you own the trademark as well as protection against people who try to steal it from you or use something similar without permission from its owner.


Following these steps will help you to get the registration of your trademark in Hawaii. You’ll want to check with an attorney if you have any questions about how to proceed, or if there are any special circumstances that might affect your case.