How to Register a Trademark in Arizona


A trademark is a word, symbol or phrase that identifies the source of a good or service. A trademark can be used to distinguish your goods and services from those of others in the marketplace. A federally registered trademark provides nationwide protection for your brand. It also offers benefits such as legal remedies against infringement, incontestability after five years and obtaining the right to use the registered symbol (®) on products and packaging.

Qualifications for Federal Trademark Registration.

Federal trademark law governs the registration of trademarks in the United States. While registering a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), you will be able to use it nationwide, unless there is already an existing federal registration for your mark that covers all 50 states, in which case you must choose between federal and state prosecution of your application. You may also file a state trademark application with the Arizona Secretary of State if you live in Arizona or do business there.

Submission on TEAS

The Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) is the USPTO’s online application system, which allows you to submit your application online. Using TEAS will save you time and money because it allows you to complete all of the required fields in one sitting, rather than having to mail in multiple documents.

Submit a specimen of use

In this step, you’ll need to submit a specimen of use. This is an example of how you plan to use your mark in commerce. If you don't have one yet, you can still file your application and get started on the trademark process. In the future, though, it would be ideal to include a specimen with your application if possible—this will help speed things up once we begin examination proceedings in earnest.

Pay the Filing Fee for an Application

The fees for filing an Arizona trademark application are based on the number of classes and marks in the application.
  • For a single class of marks, you will pay $275.
  • For two or three classes of marks, you will pay $325.
  • For four or more classes of marks, you will pay $425.


Here are the steps you need to take before applying for a trademark.
  • Research and understand what you are doing.
  • Be careful when choosing a name for your business; make sure it is available for use in Arizona and that you have the right to use it.
  • Check if your name is already taken. If so, consider adding a word or phrase to your trademarked name that would distinguish it from another one already registered as a trademark by someone else or used as an Internet domain name by someone else.
  • After completing these steps, go ahead and apply for registration of your company's proposed trademark!


If you’re looking for a way to protect your brand, registering a trademark can be an effective option. It allows you to legally claim ownership of the name, logo or slogan and prevent other people from using it without your permission.